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Welcome to Carshalton Families

If you haven't yet met me, I hope you do say hi to me at our next event or even if you see me out and about with the kids. Don't be shy. Please do say hello.


My name is Jemma Ogunwe and I've been running Carshalton Families Nearly New Sale for four years now.


I've made some lovely friends along the way and have their full support when it comes to my events. You will see familiar faces at my sales as they know I will support them however I can.

I really do try to make an effort to make you feel welcome and if you ever needed anything you could ask without feeling anxious.

I welcome everyone with open arms and really can't wait to meet you at one of our future events.


Your probably wondering why did I start Carshalton Families? I have two children.

Noah (7) Isla (4). I have always been a shopaholic. I won't lie. Having two different genders I have gone down the route of Blue and pink. 


When I shopped for my son, maybe one or two rails of boys bits. When I was pregnant with my daughter woohoo, rails and rails and rails.

I decided after my daughter no more children and wanted to try and raise funds back to enable me to purchase items for the next stage.


Unfortunately, the sale I attended I had no idea what to expect, where to go, whom I could speak to if there was a problem if I couldn't attend I wouldn't be refunded. As a mother, anything can happen and unfortunately, sometimes you can't attend. If I'm able to sell on your stall you are more than welcome to a refund.

What to expect from a Nearly New Sale

I'm a local mum who is offering local families an amazing opportunity to purchase pre-loved maternity, baby toddler, and children's items.

I wish to welcome you to Carshalton Families Nearly New sale.


I have started to branch out,

You can find us in:

Surbiton, Sutton, Banstead, Croydon, Coulsdon, and Caterham 


The cost of raising a child (excluding housing, childcare, and council tax) from birth to 18 is now: £71,611 for a couple family. £97,862 for a single parent/guardian


Thinking about how much wear your children get out of their clothing, especially the first year you know 99% of the items are left pristine. Still unsure, Please take a moment to look at our gallery. 

We offer toys and games. 

Our children want the latest toy or that book that they have read at nursery/school. You buy it, they play with it, read it maybe once or twice then it's left in the playbox/bookshelf

Why pay top prices when you can save yourself hundreds of ££'s.

When I run my events I make sure that all stallholders don't overload their stalls, they don't have any items that are not sellable, and last but least will welcome you with open arms.


We don't overpack our halls, we allow room for two buggies to go down the aisles

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